Brilliance Model Agency starts the work of the representative office in Ukraine. To date, we have extensive experience in conducting model business in Poland and other European countries. Our company individually approaches to the decision of each question, selecting the most favorable and suitable for you offer. Our professional team is engaged in the image of each model in particular, creating the necessary conditions for their development, success and advancement in the fashion industry.
Brilliance means shine.
Brilliance Model Agency is a Polish modeling agency, providing various types of events with promotional services. We deliver solutions dedicated both to small business and large corporations, support our Clients over fairs, exhibitions, sports and automotive events, company banquets, galas and other types of ceremonies.
Brilliance stands for exquisite capabilities.
The staff of Brilliance Model Agency composes of talented and experienced individuals, finely selected hostesses and hosts. We do not consider the appearance a sole criterion. We believe that the look and expertise are a combination of beauty and professionalism, that ensure top quality services. Our male and female models match perfectly each and every environment, both when it comes to cozy parties and huge international events.
Brilliance also means elegance.
Go through a broad database of professionals we cooperate with. We strive for making our promoters act as an elegant support to the corporate image of your organization. Their charm can impress everyone, whilst their personal competences, strictly adjusted to your needs, will enable you to enjoy the party in full.

An asset of Brilliance Model Agency is that is has been collaborating with top photographers in Poland and carried out hundreds of photo sessions. Photography is our passion and constitutes an essential component of our business operations.